Research is critically important to those of us with dementia. The only way a cure will be found is through research. And the services and supports we need are developed through research! So we need to be engaged in research – certainly as participants, but more importantly as partners!

We need researchers to know what we want, and what is important to our lives. Equally important is that WE have a say not only in WHAT is studied, but HOW it is planned and implemented. We are hopeful that you will help us in these efforts!

To learn more about what the DPC is doing, come to our REACH meeting to learn about Research, Community Education, Advocacy, and Community Happenings!

REACH Meeting: 11:00-12:00pm
1st Friday of September, November, January, March, May
LiveWell, 1261 S. Main Street, Plantsville, CT 06479

Research Opportunities

The DPC is working in partnership with LiveWell Alliance on a Eugene Washington PCORI Award project to build the capacity of people living with dementia to engage as partners in research.

Learn more about our project on through this poster!

Visit the Empowering Partnerships website for upcoming information sessions and details about the Fall 2-Day Training ! To get involved, contact:

Yale’s Social Gerontology and Health Lab

Dr. Joan Monin is welcoming participants in two active projects. Dr. Monin is an Action Team member for the Empowering Partnerships project, and advocate for the Dementia Peer Coalition.

See her website for further details:


To find a clinical trial near you check out:

The National Institutes of Aging clinical trail search website:

The Alzheimer’s Association TrailMatch:

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