DPC Advocate Pledge

As founders and members of the DPC, we affirm the human and disability rights of people living with dementia. We welcome you to affirm these rights by becoming a DPC Advocate by signing our pledge.

I affirm that people living with dementia ….

  • Are valuable human beings and should be afforded the rights of all humans
  • Should be given opportunities which promote and empower them to be seen and heard as valuable members of society
  • Should be included and affirmed as individuals living with cognitive disabilities and should be treated as equalmembers of society and entitled to the same disability rights as other individuals
  • Can develop adaptive strategies, and should have access to and opportunities for meaningful engagement which provide purpose and honor resilience

As a supporting advocate of the Dementia Peer Coalition I will…

  • Involve people living with dementia as best as I am able in issues related to their lives and well-being
  • Uphold the DPC values: Empowerment, Inclusion, Equality, Access, Meaning, Purpose, Resilience
  • Promote the DPC personally and professionally within my sphere of influence
  • Share information about the DPC with individuals living with dementia who may by interested in the DPC
  • Help interested individuals directly connect to the DPC via phone, email, or referral
  • Be available to support DPC meetings and initiatives as I am able